30 years and continues to grow

About Us

WANDA RATTAN is a company built by Mr. Lili in 1994. We started from a small business that supplied rattan baskets to a more established factory. Now we have our own business to ship our rattan basket to overseas buyers.

Located in area where people adept at using their both hands to weave baskets, WANDA RATTAN has proved its ability to survive as one of the best rattan basket manufacturer in the world.

Production Facilities

The company now has 3 factory buildings to support the increasing market demand. We also facility to change the rattan material color turn into greyish before we deliver them to the hand-weaving process of Kubu grey basket.

With around 250 skilled and experienced workers, our products are believed to meet the requested quality standards from customers.

United States, Germany, England, Netherlands and Japan are several countries to which our wicker baskets are exported.


We turn Indonesian beautiful rattan fiber into strong and functional baskets without losing their natural feel

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