Indonesia Wicker Basket Manufacturer and Exporter

WANDA RATTAN, a company built by Mr. Lili in 1994, has been growing from a small business which was a rattan baskets supplier to a more established factory that manufacture and export basket ware made of many kinds of strong yet beautiful Indonesian rattan materials. Located in area where people adept at using their both hands to weave baskets, WANDA RATTAN has proved its ability to survive as one of the best rattan basket manufacturer in the world.

The company now has 3 factory buildings to support the increasing market demand. With around 250 skilled and experienced workers, our products are believed to meet the highest quality standards from each of our customers. United States, Germany, England, Netherlands and Japan are several countries who are currently being the export destination of our wicker baskets.

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We know that this site is not enough to show you what we have done. Should you have any question regarding our product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jl. Tegal Blok Selasa, Desa Rajawangi
Kec. Leuwimunding, Majalengka
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Phone : +62 857 2015 2718
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