Rattan Basket with Higher Quality

Good quality and high durability strong rattan basketRattan baskets that we produce is unique in the materials used. Retrieved from Indonesia’s natural resources which were abundant, rattan raw materials that we use in our baskets reinforce a very natural expression, but pretty sturdy and come with high durability.

Cirebon Rattan Basket. Where to find?

Our buyers often ask if we’re located in Cirebon where many rattan furniture companies run their business. And here is the fact. Rattan basket production is mainly located in Majalengka, about 30 kms driving from Cirebon.

Done by the hands of our skilled craftsmen, Wanda Rattan always gives the best to its customers. With the experience of manufacturing wicker baskets for 20 years, our expertise in the rattan basket production is getting better over time. Proper knowledge of the character from many kinds of rattan material also has its own contribution in the selection of models and designs of best baskets to be offered to consumers.

Although consumers demand prefer more to basket wares with natural look, we also produce baskets with colors that are tailored to the needs of the buyer. We only use eco-friendly colors to keep our environment green and healthy. This also ensures our products are welcomed to all export destination countries, especially Europe and United States of America.

Make sure you get more information about us. The products we display on this website is only a fraction of our endless creativity to produce wicker basket that’s better and stronger for every household your customers are requiring. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you want to know about us or our products. When you go to Cirebon, you are welcome to visit our factory.